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September 8, 2002
This site is officially open! This site is about Daniel Radcliffe and how he is so cool! This site is brand new so I don't have much on here. if you have any suggestion or anything just email me! You can find my email on the Contact page!
Chamber of Secrects!
Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrects, in which Dan stars as Harry (which all of you already know), is due to be released November 15th, 2002. They didn't stray far from the book, but they did add a few things to it. To preview the movie watch the trailer, which will be linked in the links section.
Does Danny really have a girlfriend? I have sent him an email asking him about this, and he answered back that he did have a girlfriend! She is someone he knew before he played Harry Potter in the movies and he is still with her. Whether or not this is still true, I do not know. But, to all of you who are dissapointed as I am, well atleast be happy for him!

Contact Dan?
Yes, he does have a fan email address. Most times he emails back within a day or two, but he does not answer all the question that you aks him. He actually only answer one normally. I will have a special page where I will put all the emails I email him and all the ones he emails me back. Email him at Dar131989@yahoo.com!

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This pictures is a new one. I have never seen it before I saw it on www.danielradcliffeexposed.com. I thought it was so cool I had to have it on my main page! I hope you like it just as much!

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